About Sharif Jute Mills Ltd.

SHARIF JUTE MILLS LTD. , the name you learn to trust, is the conglometers of jute industries in Bangladesh. We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of quality jute yarn/twine, Jute goods and other jute products. We belief, customers is the King! So, we set our goals to achieve customers satisfaction and to keep the commitment of deliver of our products to the door of our valuable buyers on time is our only the principle. Implementation of this principal makes it essential that each person is committed to do their best performance.

It is our basic operating policy to concentrate the methods to make quality a way of life and to make ensure the best quality is our utmost endeavors. Continuous quality improvement is the main key to success in world market. We set the high standards of quality at all levels of our production. Sharif Jute Mills Ltd. is a member of Noor Group which is the leading business organization in Bangladesh. The mill is situated at Jayar, Bakhunda in the district of Faridpur.

It has a locational advantage of the nearby Padma River with easy inflow in the heart of the Hard District Jute. The Mills have launched production from the year 1998 and have commenced commercial production from the year 2000. The Mill has an annual production capacity of 12,000.00 Metric Tons of Jute Yarn/Twine and 2.5 Million pcs. Of Std. “A” Twill, “B” Twill, sugar bag, flour bag, rice bag & Hessian and Sacking bag.