History of the Founder:

Late Mohammad Nurul Islam who is the founder of NOOR GROUP.  The life history of Mr. Md. Nurul Islam is very challenging. He started his working life in a very simple stage; even he used to work in an Engineering workshop. From where he was inspired how to establish an engineering workshop by his own proprietorship; after that before liberation, he became successful to start a engineering workshop by his own management. By the grace of Almighty and by dint of his own efforts he had established Noor Jutex Industries in a large scale and became a bonafied supplier of all spare parts such as quality Card, Gill, Mets Pins, Bobbin carrier, Felt Blob, Loom spindle & other allied products which are being used in nationalized/govt. jute mills as well as private jute mills. He able to introduced himself as a successful entrepreneur in Bangladesh.

It was his long cherished desires and only dreams how to establish a full pledge jute mills. By dint of his intelligence, by his full of willing power and by virtue of his vigorous efforts, Mr. Islam become successful to establish a Jute Spinning Mills with 15 Frames  namely Sharif Jute Mills Ltd. in the name of his father Mr. Mohan Sharif which is now 35 frames and now it has 3 units – with 100 weaving looms. He was able to create example that –‘there is will, there is way’ and awarded as a best entrepreneurs of industry. Besides he was very kind hearted and during the tenure of his life time, he has contributed much to the various religious and social sectors and with the poor neighbors. We beg to the Almighty to bring peace of his departed soul.